Web Designer

Experience: 3+ years

Job Description

Job description:

You will be working on vibrant and exciting projects! Working alongside an experienced design team. Your day-to-day responsibilities will be:

  • Working closely with our design team
  • Working closely with our project managers
  • Implementing UI/UX solutions
  • Supporting our marketing team (banners, sales decks…)
  • Follow design guidelines, best practices and standards
  • Ensure consistency of brand and creative across digital customer touch points


What we offer:

Ability to work on vibrant and exciting projects all around the world, mainly enterprise solutions that include large scale web startups & custom web applications. Working alongside an experienced design team. Ability to learn and advance, attend conferences & meetups, grow personally and within a team. Stimulative and flexible work environment, ability to work remotely, occasional fun stuff like barbecue, paintball or other forms of hanging out with the rest of the team.

  • Growth & Development. Once onboard, you will be given amazing opportunities to learn, grow and develop your expertise, through internal training, seminars, workshops, and knowledge-sharing corporate culture. Work daily in a dynamic & high-paced environment and never stagnate!
  • Work-life Balance. Choose between work from home options, flexible working hours…



  • Excellent knowledge of Photoshop
  • Experience with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere…
  • Good teamwork skills
  • Strong work ethic and personal accountability
  • Strong attention to detail, time management and interpersonal skills

Other good to know’s:

  • Basic HTML/CSS
  • Working with WP administration
  • Animations, Illustrations…
  • Sketch
  • Graphic Design (posters, flyers, etc.)

Let’s meet and see your portfolio showcasing innovative designs you are proud of! 🙂


Let’s give you a few details, other stuff we can cover later during an interview.

  • There are currently about 45 of us in AM2, headquarters are in Zagreb and another office in Banja Luka with, but almost 50% of our team is scattered around other cities and countries working remotely. You can learn.
  • We have a flexible working environment, you can adjust your working hours and place of work however you see fit. If you’d like to join us in our Zagreb or Banja Luka office, we would be delighted to have you but it’s not a requirement.
  • 4 years ago we merged with a Canadian company and we are a part of myZone Media which altogether counts about 80 people all over the world. Be a part of a multinational team.
  • You will be additionally compensated according to your contribution. If we have hired you it means you have the required knowledge and experience, but what makes the difference is your commitment, speed, ability to think outside of the box, your enthusiasm and proactive thinking. We will track your progress closely and act accordingly.
  • Yeah, we tend to go on various team building activities and dev retreats. We also have a policy of sending all team members to at least one conference per year.
  • If you are in it for the long run building our company together and developing worldwide projects, and you become a vital team member (lead role), have a chance of acquiring company shares through our stock option plan and being a part of something big.


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