WordPress Backend Developer

Experience: 2+ Years with PHP/WordPress

Job Description

Who are we looking for?

We will assume you wouldn’t be reading this post if you are not an experienced PHP developer so we’ll just skip the general “You need to know how to write code” stuff. You do need to know PHP, MySQL, some JS and all that, but we are far beyond that point.


Let’s keep it simple, try answering a few questions:

  • Have you ever been challenged to build something custom on WordPress, either a plugin or custom theme functionality, that solved a problem or optimized the way problem is solved?
  • Have you ever debugged WordPress site or Code, going through the code and resolving the problem, learning tons in the process and ended up with a new experience?
  • Have you browsed through a bunch of hooks and filters to build a custom feature/plugin and got amazed how every time you do that you learn something new about the WP Core? 
  • Do you feel like there is so much more you could be working on and learning about?
  • Are you eager to work on high-end WP projects, developing stuff that 99.99% of other WordPress sites and projects may never need?


Knowledge & Experience

  • 3+ years of experience working as a backend web developer on production sites
  • 2+ years of experience working on WordPress sites
  • Extensive experience in implementing complex WordPress sites
  • Thorough knowledge of PHP, and MySQL
  • A comprehensive understanding of what it takes to write secure and performant code
  • Understanding of OOP, software development life cycle and best practices


Other good to know’s:

  • Experience with continuous integration and automated deployment pipelines
  • Experience with Unit Testing
  • Experience with WooCommerce
  • Experience with WPML or other multilingual plugins
  • Experience with server technologies like Redis or ElasticSearch
  • Remote work experience

Why join us?

Let’s give you a few details, other stuff we can cover later.

  • There are currently about 45 of us in AM2, headquarters are in Zagreb and another office in Banja Luka with, but almost 50% of our team is scattered around other cities and countries working remotely. You can learn.
  • We have a flexible working environment, you can adjust your working hours and place of work however you see fit. If you’d like to join us in our Zagreb or Banja Luka office, we would be delighted to have you but it’s not a requirement.
  • 4 years ago we merged with a Canadian company and we are a part of myZone Media which altogether counts about 80 people all over the world. Be a part of a multinational team.
  • You will be additionally compensated according to your contribution. If we have hired you it means you have the required knowledge and experience, but what makes the difference is your commitment, speed, ability to think outside of the box, your enthusiasm and proactive thinking. We will track your progress closely and act accordingly.
  • Yeah, we tend to go on various team building activities and dev retreats. We also have a policy of sending all team members to at least one conference per year.
  • If you are in it for the long run building our company together and developing worldwide projects, and you become a vital team member (lead role), have a chance of acquiring company shares through our stock option plan and being a part of something big.

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